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Grading of Land in Chautauqua County

grading land, land excavationL.W. Parker excavating has graded land with dozers for many residential projects, grading for new home lawn and yard areas, grading land around new septic systems, grading land for final new home back-fill, grading land for driveways and ditching for drainage.

Grading of land for farm use, pasture land, tillable or crop land, site clearing for hay fields or acreage, grading of topsoil for seeding areas, landscape of lawns with grading and leveling.

L.W. Parker has experince land clearing, removing trees and brush to use cleared areas for farm fields or building sites for commercial and residential projects.

L.W. Parker Enterprises can grade and level any commercial site to prepare for new construction projects, excavation for foundations, site excavation, utilities excavation, parking lot and driveways, install storm drainage.
Grading Land

Gravel in Chautauqua County

RP4200 PictureL.W. Parker Ent. has available gravel products for residential construction projects such as pole barn base material, bank gravel [ gravel as it is dug from the bank at the pit ] can be used if conditions allow for pole barn base material, there are other uses for bank gravel, it is generally a coarser material and has many uses.

L.W. Parker can produce a screened gravel product, this is a gravel that has been run though a screen plant which sorts out all large material, generally anything over 2" diameter is screened off leaving a screen product used by contractors, county highway D.O.T., state D.O.T. and construction building projects.

L.W. Parker excavating has a gravel mix available for special projects when engineering requires, also a gravel driveway mix can be used for topping drives and other uses.

Foundations & Basement Excavations in Chautauqua County

RP4200 PictureL.W. Parker excavating has dug many foundations in Chautauqua County for residential and commercial building projects, along with digging commercial basements and residential basements. Some basements require placement of drainage lines and washed stone for backfill.

L.W. Parker Ent. Inc. has experience with filling garage foundations to proper grades, back-filling basement walls, digging basement crawl spaces and final backfill grading.

Basements in Chautauqua County

When working with a site development package we work with a concrete wall contractor or can refer you to a concrete wall contractor if needed to complete a site development excavating package.

Water Line Tapping Service and Water lines in Chautauqua County

L.W. Parker Ent. Inc. has the tools needed to do water line tapping when installing new water services for residential and commercial building projects, water lines will be installed after the tapping is done, water line repair and replacement is also a service provided.

L.W. Parker Excavating can properly dig and cover the water lines when installed to the proper requirements after the water line tapping has been completed. New water line valves [commercial main line ] could be replaced or installed, residential water service valves could also be installed or replaced as needed.

Storm Line and Storm Drainage in Chautauqua County

94290681L.W. Parker Excavating has installed storm drainage on many construction projects including---open ditching, rip-rap ditches, "eco" or " green " underground drainage, brick street ditchs, street gutter drainage, basement drains, roof drains, catch basins, culvert piping and sidewalk drainage.

L.W. Parker is able to construct and install complete new storm lines for drainage at new construction or building sites, roadway, street and parking lots, replace and repair existing storm drainage systems.

L.W. Parker has installed large stream culverts and large concrete box culverts as a replecement caused by storm damage or replacement of exsiting, installed new construction of other type culverts.

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2011 - Crull road-County Ayre Pond-Breakwall 092


2011 - Crull road-County Ayre Pond-Breakwall 024

Site Excavation And Site Construction in Chautauqua County

2011 - Crull road-County Ayre Pond-Breakwall 105L.W. Parker Ent. has available a site package when customers need a development plan for a new construction project. The site development package can be complete with all site work included in the site development plan.

L.W. Parker can develop and complete a site development package from driveways, parking lots, water lines, septic systems or sanitary lines, foundations, basements, gravel, backfill grading,  landscaping, ponds, topsoil and storm drainage.

Avalable is site grading and perparing a new location for new building construction includes removal of trees, shubs and demo of buildings that include removal of material from the site.

Driveways and Parking Lots Installed in Chautauqua County

RP4200 Picture

L.W. Parker Ent. has installed new driveways, everything from clearing wooded areas, installing drainage, preparing the sub grade base, placing gravel and compacting the material. Parking lots have been installed by preparing the site and removing the unuseable soil down to the sub base, placing gravel material and compacting the material to proper compaction testing.


L.W. Parker Excavating has completed projects from installing storm drainage, catch basins, to final driveway or street blacktop, parking lots have been installed with storm drainage, culvert pipe, catch basins, to final blacktop.

2011 - Crull road-County Ayre Pond-Breakwall 039


Ponds in Chautauqua County

DSC02670L.W. L.W.Parker Excavating has built many ponds over the years some as small as a garden pond others as large as a 6 acre lake, these ponds have been used for wild life habitat, fire protection or ponds to water cattle, ponds for recreational fishing, ponds for irrigation or crop watering.

Other ponds have been used for erosion control or detention drainage ponds and storm water run off ponds, these ponds are constructed and used many times at large parking lot areas where there is a heavy water flow during a heavy rain storm, the ponds collect the run off and slow the run off flow allowing the water time to soak into the soil or run off at a slower rate.



Washed Stone and Oversize in Chautauqua County

L.W. Parker Ent. Inc can deliever washed stone for driveway repair after winter plowing damage or spring touch up and new construction jobs, drainage cover, building backfill. Wahsed stone is used when installing septic systems and drainage lines.

Oversize stone can be used for base material at construction sites when soil conditions need to be firmed up or base material for roadways or driveways, oversize stone is also used for drainage material in some projects.

Gabion stone is used for gabion basket rock, this oversize stone is generally sized about 8" in diameter a proper size for gabion basket filling.

Crusher run stone is used generally for driveway repair or topping of existing drives, parking lots, walkways when available.

Rip-rap stone is a larger rock used generally for erosion control with a natural rock available and quarry rock also used for break wall erosion conrtol.